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Autonomous Delivery Robots Go the Last Mile

The Rev-1 may not be as exciting as some of the other autonomous delivery robots, but it just might work, assuming it doesn’t snow where you live. And you need a bike lane. From an article in Smart Cities World. … Continue reading

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Multisensor Data Collection Includes Sonar and Lidar

Bibby HydroMap, a UK-based company, has successfully completed an asset inspection survey of several bridges and the Weaver Sailing Club along the River Weaver in Cheshire (UK), an opportunity demonstrating its multisensor, marine 3D imaging capabilities in a highly dynamic … Continue reading

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Underground Mining on the Verge of Full Automation

CSIRO engineers have developed a world first “flameproof” 3D laser scanning device that can “see things our eyes cannot” by transmitting a full panoramic view of an underground coal mine in real time. Called the ExScan, the device is set … Continue reading

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WeWork is Leveraging 3D BIM to Fuel Its Rapid Expansion

Not familiar with WeWork? They are like ride sharing companies Uber or Lyft, but their game is sharing downtown office space. Since this blog was first posted WeWork has had some major issues with corporate governance. Co-founders Adam Neuman, who … Continue reading

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Lidar Surveys Guide Avalanche Predictions

In a low-flying helicopter, Gabriel Wolken is scanning the steep hillsides around southeast Alaska with a purpose. A research-grade laser mounted to the helicopter sends rapid pulses of light from the aircraft to the ground to measure the elevation of … Continue reading

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Alluxa Makes Thin-Film Interference Filters for Lidar

Alluxa is a world leader in high-performance optical filters and thin-film coatings. In this highly informative white paper Alluxa explains how their high-performance, ultra-narrowband interference filters improve LIDAR signal-to-noise ratios. Arguably the most versatile active remote sensing technique, LIDAR (Light … Continue reading

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Museum of the Future Relies on Laser Scanning

In Dubai, where tower blocks seem to pop up almost overnight, residents have grown adept at averting their eyes from building sites. But one construction project has caught everyone’s attention: the Museum of the Future, which has loomed up over … Continue reading

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The U.S. Survey Foot Has Outlived Its Usefulness – RIP

Thanks to Michael Dennis and others at NIST and NGS for taking the action to deprecate (in metrology – a decision to discontinue the use of a specific measurement unit) the U.S. Survey foot. There is no benefit to having … Continue reading

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Dynamic Map Service Available from USGS

The USGS 3DEP program offers a powerful dynamic map service capability to make it much simpler to investigate the range of products that can be generated on demand from the digital elevation data. The dynamic map service can generate multi-resolution … Continue reading

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Precision Agriculture Informed with Drone Lidar

The RedTail LiDAR Systems’ RTL-400, designed specifically for use on small drones, is a cost-effective tool that provides high-resolution, accurately geolocated images needed to make informed business decisions. Precision agriculture is one area where it is well suited. As the … Continue reading

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