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Augmented Reality App Relies on iPhone 12 Lidar

image of Augmented Reality App Uses Lidar
Augmented Reality App Uses Lidar

Augmented reality is set to get a lot more focus in 2021, as technological advances, including new wearable devices, come to market, and push the development of digital overlays and tools to the next level.

From an article in Social Media Today by Andrew Hutchinson.

And recently, TikTok took another step with its AR tools by adding a new LiDAR-enabled effect to ring in the new year.

As you can see in this example, the new LiDAR technology responds to the real-world environment, so the glitter falls onto the couch, the floor and the person within the frame. You’ll note that when he moves out of the scene, the glitter from his head and shoulders then falls away in his place.

More specifically, LiDAR, which stands for ‘light detection and ranging’, measures how long it takes for light to reach an object and reflect back. That’s what enables the expanded depth-mapping, and will eventually facilitate the creation of new AR tools which can better interact and respond to real-world cues and objects.

The new frame is one of the first to use LiDAR, which has been built into the new iPhone 12 Pro, but will eventually become more widely available over time. This specific effect was created by Garrett Fuselier, who previewed the effect on LinkedIn last week.

As noted, Augmented Reality is set to gain significant momentum in 2021, based on usage trends before and throughout the pandemic, and tools like LiDAR will enable advanced object recognition and responsive options, which could have specific benefits in applications like eCommerce.

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