Audi First to Support Level 3 Automation

Instead of Tesla or General Motors it looks like Volkswagen’s Audi division will be the first to offer Level 3 self driving capability or what is called conditional automation. This means the vehicle is capable of fully autonomous operation, but allows for human intervention when needed.  Audi recently announced the A8 will ship with support for Level 3 automation.

Audi’s solution has certain limitations. For one it is only meant to be activated in relatively slow moving traffic (up to 60 km/hr) and only on divided roads where a physical barrier separates vehicles driving in the opposite direction.

The new Audi A8 will be the first production vehicle to use LIDAR along with cameras, radar and ultrasonic sensors. Both Tesla’s Autopilot which does not use lidar and GM’s Super Cruise are only able to support Level 2 at best. This requires that a human be focused on the driving task at all times.

From an investment perspective this article from Seeking Alpha provides more insight.


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