ASTM E57 Open Source Software Update

Attention software developers  РStan Colby from the ASTM E57.04 Data Interoperability subcommittee tells me that he has uploaded a new version of the libraries, which now includes support for Linux.

The positive news continues to come in from around the globe about the data interoperability problems that E57 is being used to overcome. In addition Ted Knaak reports increasing interest in the use of the standard by the mobile mapping community in part because of the ability of E57 to handle the associated imagery.

If you have a success story about E57 I would be glad to run it.


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2 Responses to ASTM E57 Open Source Software Update

  1. One new success story for E57 (and also LAZ) is the announcement by Pointools for upcoming support in their software. They were tweeting via @Pointools: “we can announce the support for E57 and LAZ file formats – amongst others – in our next release later this year”.

  2. Joe Evans says:

    As a user of the*.e57 format, I switched because it eases the process of getting my clouds into AutoCAD (via kubit) so I can begin drafting and modeling faster.

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