ASPRS Steps Up

From an email that I just received as a member of ASPRS – the American Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing they have just approved free continuation memberships to individuals who have lost their jobs. Initiated by the Rocky Mountain Region, President Brad Doorn noted that one of the key benefits of membership is the ability to network – often a critical element in finding a new job.

Congratulations to all involved in this decision for taking a proactive, leadership position. This certainly shows the character of this organization when the heat is on, and I know this means a lot to the people who are affected.

The terms of the complementary membership are as follows:

• This will apply to unemployed U.S. Active and Associate members only.

• Complimentary members will receive a full membership, including receipt of PE&RS on a monthly basis.

• This offer will be made to unemployed membership on their anniversary renewal date.

• This offer will not be retroactive (i.e., no refunds of previously paid dues) but will apply to members who have become unemployed since October 2008.

To request complimentary membership, contact


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