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ASPRS Announces First Two Rising Stars

Chris Stayte and Corey Ochsman are the first two benefactors of the ASPRS’ Rising Star Program. Both Chris and Corey are sponsored by Woolpert.

Editor’s Note – Congratulations to Chris and Corey for achieving this well deserved status. A look at the following backgrounds will confirm that opinion. Thanks to Woolpert and ASPRS for creating and supporting this program. This is further confirmation of the Lidar News Spotlight Interview program.

Chris Stayte from Woolpert rising star

Chris Stayte from Woolpert

Chris Stayte is a Dayton native who started at Woolpert as an intern in early spring of 2013. He joined the remote sensing team led by resident remote sensing scientist Daniel Ngoroi. Chris continued to learn and grow as he spent his first few years mastering remote sensing techniques and acquiring a degree in software engineering.

He now applies all the knowledge he gained to his work as a team lead for the remote sensing discipline here at Woolpert. He and his team assure remote sensing products are created to meet specification and accuracy standards. Chris also develops tools across an array of applications to further automate the delineation of data as well as tools that ensure quality standards are met. In his spare time, Chris runs his own weekly podcast, creates development videos on YouTube and enjoys rock climbing, photography and videography.

Corey Ochsman from Woolpert rising star

Corey Ochsman from Woolpert

Corey Ochsman has a unique perspective on where archaeology of the past meets geospatial technologies of the future. He grew up in rural northern Virginia and studied geography and art history at George Mason University. He later earned a Masters in Classical Archaeology from Leiden University in the Netherlands. His focus on geospatial technology in archaeology brought him to work several seasons as the GIS manager at the excavations of the Villa di Massenzio in Rome. Since then, he has continued to work in a variety of positions at the cross section of the geospatial industry, including as a GIS field technician for a utility company, a feature extraction and cartography tech for the DoD and as a remote sensing tech for the oil and gas industry.

In 2011, Corey began working with LiDAR and started deploying to Afghanistan with the USACE Buckeye Program. He transitioned to the Buckeye UAS platform in Jordan and worked there for several years before bringing his breadth of knowledge to Woolpert. He provided essential insight in the Buckeye 2 program and is now the team lead for the terrestrial, mobile and aerial LiDAR discipline. Corey currently lives in Colorado and he spends his free time traveling, climbing mountains, and BASE jumping.


Woolpert is a national architecture, engineering and geospatial (AEG) firm that delivers value to clients by strategically blending engineering excellence with leading-edge technology and geospatial applications. Woolpert’s mission, to help our employees, clients and world progress–to move forward through forward thinking perfectly mirrors the goals of the ASPRS Rising Star Program – to advance geospatial science through sponsorship and mentorship. For more information on Woolpert click here.

For more information on the Rising Star Program click here.

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