ASI Announces Fall Webinar Series – Esri Online Mosaic Dataset Course

Aerial Services, Inc. (ASI), the remote-sensing and mapping firm based in Cedar Falls, Iowa, has announced their Fall 2013 webinar series.  These educationally driven, one-hour events will discuss a number of geospatial topics and are free to pre-registered attendees. Each is hosted by Aerial Services’ geospatial professionals who are experts regarding the topics being discussed.

In September, Aerial Services’ Fall Webinar Series will discuss “LiDAR 201,” a follow up to our popular “LiDAR 101″ sessions held in the past. This intermediate session on Light Imaging Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) will briefly review how this terrain rich data is acquired and then get into in-depth discussion of applications.

Separately, Esri has announced an online course on creating mosaic datasets to perform raster-based analysis on lidar data or provide end users with fast visualization and dynamic on-the-fly processing capabilities. This course teaches how to create a mosaic dataset to organize lidar data, apply techniques to optimize and control data display, and use functions that enhance visualization and generate new information from lidar data.

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