Art of the Point Cloud – A New Digital Medium

There have been a few contests involving a lidar point cloud as art over the past few years, but nothing is going to compare to what you will find in the just released nearly 200 pages of, Art of the Point Cloud – A celebration of some of the most beautiful and striking 3D scans from around the world.

It’s difficult to know where to begin. I know one thing, I would not want to review art books for a living. It is going to be very difficult to appreciate the quality of this effort without holding it in your hands and seeing the images.

First, I would like to start by congratulating Paul Chapman, David Mitchell, Chris McGregor, Lynn Wilson and Alastair Rawlinson. The number of editors would seem to be a good indication of how much work went into bringing this first of its kind project from an idea to a reality. As the authors point out and clearly demonstrate, “Art can be found in surprising places.”

The images have come from around the world and include a wide range of subject matter including historic sites, topography, architecture, plants, plants, machines, objects, animals, people and more.

A few of my favorites include Me and I – a haunting pc of multiple images of the same person from different angles; Diamond Street houses – the juxtaposition of the houses with the purple colors caught my eye; Vertigo – the vaulted ceiling of a castle in Naples; the Forth Road Bridge which requires two pages to give one some idea of the scale of this immense project and Self-pointrait, a collage of incomplete models of houses in New Zealand.

I realize this does not provide much detail, so the only solution is to buy the book! Click here to purchase. I am sure this would make a great gift idea for us 3D geeks.

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