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Apple is Switching from Laser Dots to ToF Camera in 2019?

Rumor has it that Apple is switching cameras from the TrueDepth that projects laser dots to a time-of-flight (ToF) 3D scanning sensor from Sony that is less expensive.

photo of iPhone Apple is Switching to ToF Camera

Apple is Switching to ToF Camera

Apple stock took a major hit yesterday as they announced they would miss their sales targets for the next quarter. In part this is the result of customers not seeing the need to upgrade their smart phones as fast as Apple would like them to, especially since the carriers are not subsidizing the phone purchases they way they used to. I know the feeling as I just went through it. I am sure I don’t use 20% of the functionality of my new phone.

Apple and many other technology companies are not demonstrating the value of new features which instead of being “must have” are incremental improvements that are “nice to have.”

From an article in My Smart Price the author notes, “Apple has been offering one of the best 3D mapping hardware in its cameras. The company’s present solution involves beaming 30,000 laser dots to map the face of the iPhone owner or user. Needless to say, the technology is highly accurate, but quite expensive as well. We had previously reported that the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G version and the Apple iPhone 2019 editions will probably have the ToF Image Sensors. The report has gained credibility owing to Apple’s alleged collaboration with Sony Corp. Apparently Apple may attempt using Sony’s 3D Facial Scanning sensors that rely on the Time of Flight or ToF technology.”

A few analysts do not think the rumor is accurate since they don’t think Apple would abandon one of the most popular features of the new iPhones.

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