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Apple Glasses Rumored to Have Lidar Tracking

image of Tim Cook Apple Glasses Will Have Lidar for AR
Apple Glasses Will Have Lidar for AR

A new rumor suggests the Apple Glasses could land in the first quarter of 2022, and when they do, sport six lenses and LiDAR distance tracking to augment VR and AR capabilities.

From an article in Tech Radar by David Lumb.

Apple Glasses will likely have a similar industrial design to other VR headsets currently on the market, expects JPMorgan Chase industry analyst Yang Weilun, according to China Times. But it may end up being pricier than competing headsets, as Weilun predicts Apple’s to cost $500 to produce per unit.

Given the complexity of Apple Glasses’ specs, JPMorgan Chase’s Weilun doesn’t expect them to be released for another 12 to 18 months. That matches other rumors suggesting we may not see them on the market until 2022 or 2023, though that wouldn’t stop Apple from announcing them first to build consumer interest.

It’s unclear exactly how Weilun’s prediction of six lenses would specifically help VR and/or AR capabilities – are they lenses to view screens, or are they referring to external cameras to view the outside world? But the LiDar is a more straightforward advantage, using Time of Flight technology to monitor distance to external objects via emitting a laser and tracking how long it takes to return.

This report references Apple Glasses as a singular product capable of both AR and VR, but other rumors differ on whether there will be one or multiple headsets – or headsets and glasses – released by Apple.

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