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Apple Devices Compared to Traditional Scanners

image of Apple Devices Being Tested

This is a preview of a valuable white paper offered by VTS documenting their extensive research of the accuracy of Apple devices as compared to traditional laser scanners.


The technologies available for capturing as-built information of assets and topography have changed dramatically in the past two decades.  The ability to capture complex structures has gone from simple 2D CAD base drawings to 3D immersive environments.

The continuous improvement and miniaturization of sensors and computing power have also driven a new era for reality capture. Who would have thought that a mainframe server, a high-end digital camera, a voice recorder, a portable music player and so much more could fit into a shirt pocket?

The continued enhancement of sensors in smartphones along with the adaptation of traditional algorithms for photogrammetry and surveying are ushering in a future of ubiquitous reality capture.  Accessible to everyone at any time.

How do we turn this data that is captured into information and how do these relatively inexpensive sensors compare to their high accuracy and high dollar counterparts? This paper examines geometric alignment, absolute georeferenced accuracy, cost, and speed of collection of the latest data capture methods and industry implications for these new technologies.

Problem Statement

Within this paper, the core goal is analyzing accuracies between traditional terrestrial laser scanning equipment and the combination of the Apple devices equipped with TruDepth camera and the EveryPoint LiDAR Fusion engine. In order to ensure that the delivered data is comparable, analytics comparing results of the two classes of devices were performed. For a broader view, the data itself should be analyzed as well as the capture “cost” including device costs, time to capture, and time to deliverable.

For the complete white paper CLICK HERE.

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