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Apple Car in 2024 – Not Likely Says a Top Analyst

image of Apple Car in 2024? Not Likely
Apple Car in 2024? Not Likely

We’ve known that Apple has been working on a car for around six years now. Apple always tries to do their work in secret, but whenever they attempt to enter an entirely new industry it inevitably leaks out. We haven’t heard much about ‘Project Titan’ as we believe it’s been dubbed internally, in quite some time. In fact, I thought the Apple Car project had finally been axed after countless reorganizations. But just a few days ago, Reuters released a new report about Apple’s automotive efforts and it’s starting to sound like ‘Project Titan’ is back on and in full force.

From an article in 9To5Mac by Parker Ortolani.

1. Is this actually happening?

Apple is reportedly targeting 2024 for production, which means that we should be hearing about Project Titan much sooner rather than later. Car production is a completely different animal compared to small devices like watches, phones, and tablets.

In order to avoid any major leaks, Apple’s going to have to unveil this product way before they ordinarily would. We should start to see hints in other new products, in fact, I think we already have started to see them.

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The following alternative view comes from a top Apple analyst, Todd Haselton at TFI.

A closely watched Apple analyst is warning that investors should be cautious about a report that the iPhone maker is planning to produce a self-driving car in 2024.

Last week’s report by Reuters sent shares of companies that build parts for autonomous cars, like lidar sensors, soaring. But the hype was purely on speculation some of those companies might supply parts for the Apple car, TFI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo warned in a note this weekend.

Kuo has built a reputation for accurately revealing Apple’s product launch plans, and he closely follows Apple’s supply chain.

“We believe that the current so-called Apple car concept stocks are only speculations by the market and do not involve actual Apple car suppliers,” Kuo said. “We also think that because EV/self-driving car technical specs are still evolving, it is too early to talk about the final specs of the Apple car.”

Kuo said the market is “too bullish” on Project Titan and he wouldn’t be surprised if the Apple car doesn’t launch until 2028 or later. The earliest he thinks it could hit the market is 2025. Kuo also suggested that Apple may be too far behind in artificial intelligence to launch a competitive self-driving car.

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I agree with Kuo. I don’t think it is possible for Apple to begin manufacturing a car any time soon.

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