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Airports GIS Includes Use of LiDAR

In follow up to the posts on the FAA approving the use of LiDAR, long time friend and GIS guru, Matt Davis at ESRI passed along this reference to what they are calling their Airports GIS offering. There is also a resource center and a video. ESRI has obviously invested a lot in this solution.

Airports GIS is based on the models developed with the FAA and supports all the analysis and reporting for vertical intrusions into the new glide path (new – one engine out requirement) as well as capital planning. There are both CAD and GIS models and approaches that were developed.

One of the key capabilities on the new glide path are the automated workflow tools to build all the imaginary 3D surfaces from the runway and to the check those against the LiDAR point clouds to identify the intrusions and build the reports for filing.

Thanks Matt – sounds first class.


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