A Smarter Scanner – Integration at the Chip Level

Today’s Optech ILSC keynote address by Teledyne DALSA CEO Brian Doody, although much too commercial was a tremendous eye opener when it comes to the potential synergy between Teledyne and Optech. Unlike the integration opportunities that Hexagon is taking advantage of mainly through software, Optech now as access to both CCD and CMOS imaging chip technology, including design and fabrication. Combine that with LiDAR sensor expertise and you have a unique combination in the industry.

Think about that for a minute. What comes to mind? For me it is the idea of a smarter scanner, perhaps one that collects only the information that is needed. How can this be done? Through the use of Teledyne DALSA’s expertise in machine vision CCD’s. This could be incredibly powerful. A conversation with the Teledyne CTO confirms that this a very real area of interest.

It will be fun to see where this goes over the next couple of years.

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