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A Safety Case for Autonomous Vehicles

image of A Safety Case for AVs

Waymo published a paper recently outlining a safety case for autonomous vehicles that the company says should serve as a blueprint for the entire industry.

From an article in the Verge by Andrew Hawkins.

Waymo’s safety case would be “a formal way to explain how a company determines that an AV system is safe enough to be deployed on public roads without a human driver, and it includes evidence to support that determination,” the company says in an accompanying blog post.

In other words, Waymo is presenting an argument for the safety of autonomous vehicles, along with evidence that it says backs up this argument. And the company wants other AV companies — essentially, its competitors — to adopt a similar approach in order to prove to regulators that AVs can safely be deployed at a wide scale. And in doing so, Waymo hopes to improve the public’s perception of self-driving cars — which surveys show has been waning over the years.

“What we’re doing is trying to show our results and gain trust,” said Trent Victor, Waymo’s director of safety research.

Improved safety has been one of the main predictions of the autonomous vehicle (AV) industry. With over 1 million people dying in auto crashes globally every year, AV operators are increasingly leaning on this safety case to spur regulators to pass legislation allowing more fully autonomous vehicles on the road — and to convince their parent companies to keep the money flowing as early predictions about AVs taking over roads en masse failed to pan out.

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