A Closer Look at Autodesk ReCap

I would like to see more and I will at SPAR, but I really think that Elmer Bol and the reality capture team at Autodesk have laid the foundation for what will become the true democratization of 3D, at least in terms of the CAD world. It is an impressive strategy.

From a recent Autodesk blog post – “A key addition to the complete 2014 portfolio of Suites is Autodesk® ReCap™ product, a family of powerful and easy-to-use software and services on the desktop and in the cloud to create intelligent 3D data from captured photos and laser scans in a streamlined workflow.  Autodesk ReCap is the first industry solution to bring together laser scanning and photogrammetry into one streamlined process. In addition, no other solution on the market provides the visualization quality and scalability to handle extremely large data sets.”

In this first release ReCap Studio is a free standalone product that prepares point cloud data for use in the different Autodesk product suites. It allows import of various formats, including ASTM E57, data organization and basic manipulation. When complete, ReCap creates a RCP project file that can be imported into a number of the key Autodesk software suites. It will also export an E57 file.

Here is where you can download the software.  Stay tuned.

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2 Responses to A Closer Look at Autodesk ReCap

  1. Leo says:

    Our Team at CTS is very excited that we now have the marketing juggernaut that is Autodesk making 3D point cloud software tools easier and more ubiquitous. We believe, as we have been saying to all our existing clients and future ones, the demand for 3D Laser Scanning services will continue to increase to the point of becoming a necessity, and for those that don’t want to invest in the toolsets or expertise, we will offer all three. Thank You Gene for the great coverage!


  2. Matt says:

    While I feel that this is a welcome step, I’m not so sure the design world will have reached a state of true democratisation of 3D until large scale (bigger than 4 or 5 inches, to say the least) scanning has been made affordable for amateurs. At this point it is only the wealthiest individuals and small businesses/enterprises which can afford to make use of this technology.

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