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4D Imaging Radar is Low Cost

image of highway 4D Imaging Radar

The CEO and co-founder of Provizio in Shannon, Ireland, has been showing its low cost 4D imaging radar system to car makers and automotive equipment suppliers at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

From an article in EE News Europe by Nick Flaherty.

“We are unique in having a vehicle driving around with a demo and we have two JLR vehicles on the road in Ireland with a 1km cocoon and the technique we developed allows us to get more range and resolution out of every radar pulse. It’s a really low cost way of getting high resolution radar data which we demonstrated in Las Vegas,” he said.

That Prime radar system has a 600m range for the front radar and 300m on each side and the rear, creating a dense point cloud of data for a square kilometre around a vehicle.

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“We consider ourselves a tier 1.5 supplier as we allow the car company to get involved in the downstream design to solve their problems,” he tells eeNews Europe. “Provizio Prime allows small object detection at scale and works in all weathers so its super complementary to cameras and gives the OEM L3+ without LiDaR. In million unit quantites the price drops below $100.”

“We have a lot of insight into Lidar and one of the things that never gets talked about in reducing the form factor and price point to $500. You can put a radar into a bumper for the cost of a screw. For automotive people the lidar costs $2000 to integrate for cooling and the noise as well as the $800 cost of the sensor.”

To achieve this lower cost the Provizio system uses a high volume radar chip from Texas Instruments with a patented active antenna. “That’s what allows us to get the extended range and resolution,” he tells eeNews Europe. “Our front end is planar antenna with our own ICs so its super cheap to make.”

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