3D Technology Firms – What if They Put it in Neutral?

So I am going back to a recurring question that I have whenever I spend time with end users of 3D technology, like myself. Should the industry take a year, or even two, off from working on the next great shiny ball and focus most of their resources on helping customers make use of the technology they already have? The industry could call a truce.

No Time

image of shiny ball - 3D Technology - What's Next?

3D Technology – What’s Next?

For example, I just had to get a new smart phone and I was convinced (coerced) into moving my email to Microsoft Exchange. In both cases there are some incredible new features, but I know I am only scratching the surface (think 80/20 rule) and in some cases I liked the old way of doing things better.

The real issue though is being able to slow down long enough to even think about it and then come up with some kind of game plan for getting the most out of the new technology.

I can hear you saying, “training.” Who has time for that?

Focus on Customer ROI

Of course no one is going to take this seriously, but what if, just what if, a firm announced this two year plan to maximize the ROI for their customers. They would put virtually everyone on tech support and while doing so collect feedback on how to improve their products.

If the 3D industry is looking for a tech support model, they don’t have to go any further than Go Daddy. They are the best in the tech support business.

Now just to put some icing on this “Are You Dreaming Cake?” how about having companies invest, say 10% of their revenue on supporting the development of industry standards, say like in the music business.

O.K. I have not been drinking – yet, but I will stop before I lose all my loyal followers.

Let me know what you think.

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1 Response to 3D Technology Firms – What if They Put it in Neutral?

  1. Rande Robinson says:

    Would be a great idea, though I agree it probably would never happen. Software companies are in the business to sell software not support, which is a necessary evil as far as they are concerned. It would be nice.

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