3D Survey Solves 18 Year Old Mystery

During a combined 3D laser scanning and bathymetric survey of the Oswego River in upstate New York, Mark Farber of H2H Associates noticed an object on the river bottom that looked like a vehicle. H2H had already located a car that turned out to be a Volvo stolen in 1996 and then Mark Farber saw a large rectangle on the display again.

“As soon as I start inspecting the scan, it pops right out at me – there was a car there,” said Farber. Farber was able to instantly zoom in on it and look at a 3-D image clear enough to show the car’s headlights. “We can see that’s a four door sedan pretty clearly,” said Farber.

H2H Associates were able to give Oswego Police the car’s location within three centimeters and the next day¬†Carol Wood’s car was removed from the river. For 18 years, her family had wondered where she was and were grateful to the crew who helped finally bring her home

“I know my team feels very proud of what we’ve done. It was a terrible tragedy and we hope it brings some closure to the family,” said Farber.

Farber says H2H may just be scratching the surface of what this kind of scanning can provide and could provide 3-D images of dangerous or low visibility areas.

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