3D Sewer Asset Scanning

McRobert Contracting Services based in Perth, Australia has developed an innovative 3D laser scanning system that they have used in more than 200 3D laser asset inspections of sewer pump stations and other assets. They have significantly reduced the time required for inspections and analysis. It looks to me like a FARO scanner is being used in conjunction with the standard CCTV camera.

From an article in Trenchless Australasia:

To provide accurate measurements McRobert has designed a custom-built safety barrier with a linear rail system, which allows the scanner and CCTV equipment to be lowered into the asset for surveillance. A customised lighting system increases visibility in the asset during inspections and a customised vehicle is used to easily transport equipment between sites.

By using the 3D laser scanning methodology, the company has been able to reduce the resources needed to complete a level two inspection. This method only requires a two-man crew. The inspection can be conducted while the sewer is live, so no isolations are required, no confined space entry is needed, and no core sampling is required.

After an inspection, the data collated from the scanner is entered into specialised software and allows the creation of 3D point cloud imagery of the asset, which provides an interactive model that shows the internal structure of an asset as if physically inside it. The model created by these images is then used to assess the structural integrity of the asset walls and to determine the amount of deterioration.

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