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3D Scanning the Brandenburg Gate

brandenburg-gateThe Brandenburg Gate in Berlin was constructed as a symbol of peace in the late 18th century. However, historic events transpired which brought its image and survival into jeopardy. Napoleon once stole the entire Quadriga statue from the top of the Gate as a war trophy. Initially conceived of as Eirene, the Roman goddess of Peace, that statue was reinterpreted as Victoria the goddess of victory upon Napoleon’s eventual demise in 1814 and return of the Quadriga.

Last month a documentation acquisition project was carried out by CyArk and the Institute for Photogrammetry at the University of Stuttgart in southern Germany. With the support of the institute’s director, Prof. Dieter Fritsch, two of his cultural heritage researchers and Chance M. Coughenour came on-site with the necessary equipment to complete an integrated terrestrial laser scanning and photogrammetry campaign.

In three short days, while large tourist groups passed around us with puzzled looks, we completed our documentation. Following the processing of the collected data, we will produce a high resolution 3D model of this important monument and present it at the upcoming CyArk Annual Summit in Berlin in late October.

I did visit the gate along with Checkpoint Charlie.


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