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The USIBD Laser Scanning Subcommittee has just published the 2023 Geo Week Scanner Data Package and 3D Scanning Shootout Report.

The Scanner Data Package consists of the scans taken at the Scanner Shootout from Geo Week 2023. This data set contains the scans from settings best matching the resolution settings of 3, 6, and 12 mm for each unit participating from Leica, Z+F, and FARO. RIEGL did participate, although one of their units is still in pre-production with that data to be added soon. The files are listed by manufacturer and resolution in the e57 format as well as the native scan files and images as provided.

The 2023 USIBD Scanner Shootout Report presents the collected data from our Scanner Shootout at Geo Week 2023 in a uniform and easily verifiable format, allowing readers to compare the strengths and weaknesses of each scanner. This report is available in the USIBD Store exclusively for free, to USIBD members, so folks will have to sign up first to be able to access and download it.

“Exactly what the industry needs right now. There are so many products coming onto the market and there is little to no way of getting a fair evaluation of one unit versus a competitor. I look forward to your results and the future testing that you have planned as this is a great way to drive the industry forward in the right direction.” – USIBD Geo Week Booth Visitor

For more information on the USIBD 3D Scanning Shootout CLICK HERE.

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