3D Scanning Hackathon at the Met

This is not quite the same as GeoDigital’s, Anna Maria Kotlowska’s LiDAR as Art contest, but it’s the same basic concept – great minds think alike! In this case it’s New York City’s Metropolitan Museum of Art that is hosting a by invitation only 3-D scanning and printing hackathon. Thanks to Bill Gutelius from Active Imaging Systems for the heads up on this fun sounding event.

The part that is confusing is that the 2 day event is being promoted as including scanning, but when you read the press release they say that cameras will be used to capture the images – confusing. I will try to find out more about the details.


  • We are using regular digital cameras, cellphones, DSLRs or jsut whatever kind of camera we have to capture photos of a sculpture from many angles. Once you get 50 or 100 photos, you can use the free program 123D Catch by AutoDesk to generate a 3d model for you using a technique called photogrammetry. The software is easy to use. Then we’re saving .stl files from the 123D Catch program and using the MakerBot Replicator to make them in real life in plastic. Some folks are modifying them in MeshMixer, or other software. It’s a great event.

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