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3D Recovery Models Need to be Agile and Resilient

image of plane for 3D Recovery Models Need to be AgileThe COVID-19 pandemic has sent shockwaves through industries and forced many companies to either scale back their operations or shut down altogether. As the effects of the pandemic evolve, companies are identifying response efforts to implement the changes necessary to stabilize within the new normal and strategize for what is next. 3D recovery models for factories need to be agile and resilient in order take into account the pandemic and be better prepared for the future.

From an article by Kevin Cruickshanks at ECM.

3D recovery models addressing issues related to widespread quarantines, extended closures, travel restrictions and a global health crisis aim to protect business functions through mobilization of the workforce, ensuring its flexibility to become operational as quickly as possible, and identifying resources necessary to stabilize operations and the supply chain.

Service providers, contractors and material suppliers are returning from temporary closures as factories resume production, but their mobilization to usual levels may take time. Management needs to decide the strategic supply chain processes necessary to optimize operations with both speed and efficiency to ensure responsive, effective service. The need for speed, coupled with restricted availability due to a sudden high demand within the supply chains, increases costs rapidly. A re-engineered supply chain should have the resilience and agility to adapt to shifts in demand or disruptions and adapt to sudden changes faster as the new normal shapes.

Ensuring Resilience and Agility for the Future

As companies move to reopen and face a new reality that requires them to be more agile, innovative and proactive than ever before, ECM’s metrology services provide solutions for companies that need real-time supply chain visibility to plan for and immediately adapt to changing situations. We maintain the latest technology knowledge and best practices in order to serve our customers’ evolving needs, traveling on short notice.

Our success lies in our ability to understand companies’ goals and tailor our services to support those goals. ECM’s professional metrology and engineering services are supported by our professionally certified engineering team, using applications that are innovative and industry driven. Our educational services help increase knowledge and best practices across organizations, improving employee adoption, performance and confidence.

ECM’s Metrology, Engineering Support and Educational solutions support a skills development strategy allowing organizations to operate with resilience. Many are offered on-site with acceptable distancing or at one of our facilities to meet the needs of busy professionals:

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