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3D Reality Capture Used to Install Piping

image of 3D Reality Capture
3D Reality Capture

Jennifer Wooles, the director of the virtual planning and construction group at North Reading, Massachusetts-based Columbia Construction, had her work cut out for her. Ahead of her was a life sciences project that called for 60,000 feet of linear process piping – over 11 miles worth – that had to be installed on a quick time frame. The renovation of the 60,000-square-foot 1980s facility that would be used for vaccine production presented a thorny issue that made it incredibly difficult: The piping was complex, and the Boston-area facility required intense specialization. Jennifer decided to take advantage of 3D reality capture in the form of a laser scanner and Avvir BIM-focused analysis software.

From an article in Construction Dive by Matthew Thibault.

In addition, the site included three different processing labs with mezzanines due to all the equipment. Wooles said that because everything was so complex and specialized with the project, there were issues with using traditional methods.

“2D drawings just weren’t cutting it,” Wooles said.

She turned to as-built, reality capture technology from New York City-based Avvir to help with the layering of the piping, starting work with the company in September 2021 and ending in May 2022. The firm’s software, Wooles said, took a heavy burden off of her shoulders.

Once a week, the team would go through the building with a LiDAR scanner, which uses lasers to gather spatial information about a given area. The scans would be sent to Avvir, and then the team and stakeholders would be able to view the finished product — a combination of the customer-provided models and reality-captured data.

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