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3D Printed Cars

Recently I have seen articles on 3D printed bridges and houses which I am sure have some uses, but as you will quickly see in the video (see press release) 3D printed cars are going to get a lot of people’s attention, especially in Detroit. Combine this with self-driving technology and I think it is fair to say that 3D laser scanning technology is one of the key enabling technologies.

Local Motors launched Project Redacted to challenge the co-creation community to imagine and design the next generation of 3D-printed cars. The winning entry will act as the foundation for the world’s first, and yet-to-be-named, road-ready 3D-printed vehicles. Local Motors plans to design, build and sell a Low Speed Electric Vehicle (LSEV) iteration, planned to debut in Q1 2016, as well as a fully homologated highway-ready version later that year.

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