3D Print Laser Scans as a Service

I am not sure what the acronym should be – 3DP LSaaS, or something like that; but I am sure Thad Wester, founder of Clarity Scanning and contributing author to LiDAR News is more interested in launching his new 3D printing business then he is with wordsmithing. As we know, all successful businesses have one thing in common – customers.

Although I have been told that if you are not first in your market space, then you should invent a new one where you can be first. Perhaps that is what Clarity Scanning is doing when they offer to print your 3D models as a service. I can see where this can have value as a conversation piece or gift, but is there a professional market for this service? It may not matter as long as there is interest.

What do you think?


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  1. I agree this could be a growing intersection of two hot 3D technologies – imaging and printing. Here are two firms that provide similar ‘printing as a service’ with specialty in architectural models, whether scanned or not:

  2. Thad says:

    Hi Michael,
    I think the distinction here is between printing a designed model and printing directly from the raw point cloud measurements (via some type of mesh). I plan on further elaborating and sharing 3D prints from LiDAR point clouds during my presentation at Spar International in April.

    Thanks for your comment, and look forward to meeting you there.


  3. Hi All,
    Zip-Bit (me) has been providing this service since 2005 ?

    Taking Your Project into the 3rd Dimension with Zip-Bit, Inc.

    Zip-Bit, Inc. provides Rapid Prototyping Services in the engineering disciplines of 3D Scanning, 3D Modeling, 3D Printing for all businesses and applications. We specialize in work for niche markets and in producing unique one-off and limited run custom assemblies. Zip-Bit offers affordable, customizable 3D engineering, development and support services for all areas of industry/manufacturing, science, education, arts, and more…

    Best reagards

  4. Thad says:

    Hi Jay,
    I remember speaking to you a few years ago on Linkendin. Good to speak with you again.

    There are many 3D printing services and firms that can model from point clouds and produce a 3D printable product. We work with many currently (Shapeways, iMaterialise and also a local, although they do work globally, 3D printing center).

    What we are offering is a service that delivers a 3D printable product from a point cloud with little or no alteration to the raw measurements. We believe that our expertise in LiDAR, meshing, 3D printing and GIS make our service unique and that our 3D prints can be better suited in many applications – most of which do not currently utilize 3D printing.

    Thanks for your interest,

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