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3D Preservation Supports Many Stakeholders

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3D Preservation

On a pad no larger than a passport, Don Myhre maps out his scan plan for 3D preservation of an historic home that is scheduled to be torn down.

From an article in Faribault by Jennifer Sweet.

First, he sketches a rectangle, representing the building’s foundation, then a second, smaller rectangle designating its porch. Around the shape he adds several Xs as locations for his scanner, and two arrows indicating the direction in which he and his equipment will move around the property.

Using that simple plan, Myhre has created lasting 3D images of two pieces of Rice County history: a 167-year old Faribault house believed to be one of the oldest commercial buildings in the state and a former Faribault Woolen Mill store, designed by Olof Hanson, possibly the nation’s first deaf architect and a graduate of the Minnesota School for the Deaf.

Myhre, an artist and longtime director of the 3D shop at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, heard about the house last spring as Rice County officials looked to avoid its demolition. When a public request seeking someone willing to move the house, in tax foreclosure, made local headlines, Myhre reached out.

“I thought it would be a good way to preserve the building, so the memory of it wouldn’t be lost,” said Matt Verdick, Rice County Parks & Facilities director of his interest in Myhre’s proposal.

And the price was right. Because Myhre and his wife, Christina Ridolfi, often use portions of their scans in their artwork, Myhre offered to do the work for free.

Following a request from Verdick, Myhre also agreed to scan the former Woolen Mill building, built in 1900, on Fourth Street NW. It may also be razed.

Both buildings are in poor condition. Repairs to the former Woolen Mill building are estimated at $3.5 to $5 million, which doesn’t include exterior work or replacing missing architectural elements.

Myhre started scanning several years ago, first for the Minneapolis Institute of Art and then restoring deteriorating works of art, including a sculpture at Taliesin, the former Wisconsin home and estate of architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

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