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3D Modelling Pro Football Stadium

aerial image of 3D Modelling Pro Football Stadium

Since Preston Haskell started his Jacksonville, Florida company in 1965, Haskell has played an instrumental role in leading design-build projects and the formation of the Design-Build Institute of America. This 100% employee-owned company with over $1.4 billion in annual revenue and 1,875 employees was given the daunting task of 3D modelling pro football stadium for upcoming renovations and additions.

A customer story from Cintoo.

Their commitment to their customer, the Jacksonville Jaguars NFL football team, was to completely document their entire 27-year-old sports stadium to reflect the owners requirements. To optimally achieve this objective, Haskell planned to leverage 3D laser scanning including the latest SLAM technology, drone mapping, and Autodesk Construction Cloud for shared model authoring in their Scan-to-BIM process. And to enhance the workflows of reality capture, 3D modelling, and sharing their BIM and laser scan data of the stadium, Haskell would rely on employing Cintoo Cloud to upload and optimize the Scan-to-BIM process and downstream project stakeholders

The Haskell team plan was to capture an accurate digital representation of the stadiums existing condition to allow for facility feasibility studies regarding renovations and expansion for shade & rain coverage, improved air flow, and side concourses. In addition, better vertical transportation with increased space for football operations and replacing MEP are on the horizon. Due to years of fragmented ‘as-builts” with less-than-optimal documentation, an inside and out laser scan of the entire facility along with thorough documentation was needed so that a complete ‘as-built” model would be available to the stadium owner and any future AEC organizations in an easy to update format.

To this end, the game plan would consist of terrestrial scans with control points, SLAM scanning (Simultaneous localization and mapping) as well as Drone mapping. All scan results would then be uploaded to Cintoo Cloud for Scan-to-BIM evaluation and collaboration of applied work instructions.

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