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3D Mobile Mapping Pro Provides Insights

image of 3D Mobile Mapping with NavVis VLX
3D Mobile Mapping with NavVis VLX

Want to know what a leading 3D mobile mapping pro thinks about mobile mapping? Mark Hanna of Precision Point shares his insights.

From a NavVis blog by Sean Higgins.

Mobile mapping has come a long way since 2012. Laser scanning professionals initially viewed the technology with skepticism, but many now see it as a reliable option for a variety of demanding jobs—and cost-effective way to transform their work in the field.

To find out how laser scanning is changing 3D documentation projects, we caught up with one of our power users. In a recent webinar, Mark Hanna of Precision Point shared his experiences and his expert insights from five years of mobile mapping in the field.

Here are just a few highlights from that webinar. To hear everything he has to say, check out the full recording here.

Mobile mapping is lowering the barrier to scanning

In 2017, Precision Point bought their first mobile mapper from NavVis and saw immediately that it could speed up their field work. With their recent purchase of a NavVis VLX wearable mobile mapper, they say their capture workflows are getting even faster.

Hanna illustrates the point by describing a recent project where they used the wearable system to re-capture an asset that had been scanned years earlier with a terrestrial laser scanner. Using NavVis VLX, the team captured the asset about 6 times faster and processed the data 8 times faster.

This speed isn’t just a benefit for Precision Point – it also has big effect on the company’s customers. Hanna says many of his customers used to see large capture projects as prohibitively expensive and disruptive to their work. Now, these customers see the speed of mobile mapping, and recognize that this technology can reduce capture costs and minimize work stoppage.

Simply put, this makes 3D capture much easier to justify. “It has really opened our customers’ eyes,” Hanna says.

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