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3D Mesh Software Acquired by CAD Vendor

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This month, Autodesk has purchased certain 3D mesh PointFuse Intellectual Property (IP) and commercially available offerings, and announced plans to integrate this technology into the Autodesk portfolio where it will be used to drive forward a future scan-to-BIM workflow.

From an article in Geo Week News by Eric van Rees.

In a LinkedIn post, Autodesk product manager Ramesh Sridharan announced the PointFuse acquisition in a personal statement, stating that PointFuse’s technology, combined with Autodesk’s current reality solutions offering ReCap Pro, will “revolutionize” how BIM models will be generated from complex laser scanning data. He said the acquisition is a “game-changer for successful building renovation, sustainability, manufacturing, and other projects”. He expects that through this acquisition, Autodesk is taking a giant leap towards delivering an amazing workflow to customers across the Autodesk portfolio.

What is PointFuse?

PointFuse is a software company from Maidenhead, Birkshire (UK). PointFuse softtware converts point cloud data into segmented 3D mesh models, which today are an essential part of an integrated workflow utilizing reality capture data to facilitate better decision- making across projects and industries.

PointFuse software converts reality capture data into segmented meshes, automating the creation of digital assets. A segmented mesh model is a mesh where the asset or the objects can be easily selected, classified and grouped, switched on and off and ultimately exported in an onward workflow. These meshes are lightweight and are more easily interpreted than a point cloud.

PointFuse enables the creation of a mesh by using preset settings targeted at the main types of laser scanning (handheld, wearable, or terrestrial laser scanners). Once created, the mesh can be exported to a variety of workflows for visualizations or further worked on inside PointFuse to create a classification.

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