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3D Lidar Simulator Now Available

graphic from 3D Lidar Simulator
3D Lidar Simulator

Deciding which LiDAR to use, how many of them, evaluating the best locations (height, position, orientation). Anticipating the performances depending on each setup and use case. These were just a few of the reasons that prompted us to build the missing tool in our mission to build the easiest way to use LiDAR. Thanks to the valuable feedback on our beta version from more than 300 early customers from various contexts, applications and countries, we are pleased to announce the launch and general availability of our new 3D LiDAR Simulator tool.

From Outsight.

Simulate your own LiDAR Setup
Make up your own simulation and environment to help you choose the best setting for achieving your performance and functionality goals.

No need to install any software on your computer, just connect to your Outsight Cloud account our request access if you don’t have one.

Choose the right LiDAR(s)
Browse a long list of compatible LiDARs and select the right model or combination of models from different manufacturers (360º FoV, Narrow Field of View, Dome).

Multi-Item management
We have incorporated features for increased productivity thanks to our users’ feedback: you can move, configure, and change the properties of several objects, shapes and LiDARs simultaneously.

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