3D Laser Scanning/LIDAR Business is Booming

From every indicator that I can see the 3D laser scanning and LiDAR business is booming. Every professional that I speak with is reporting that they are very busy and they are looking to hire people. As an example Meridian Associates, based north of Boston, but with offices around the US has just posted a job opening for a Project Supervisor.

It is going to be interesting to see how this industry grows over the next 5 years now that the technology has been established. One can only imagine the opportunity if construction were to pick up, along with the economy in general. If you are not a part of this industry, it’s not too late, but the train is leaving the station.

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2 Responses to 3D Laser Scanning/LIDAR Business is Booming

  1. Joe Ferguson says:

    I completely concur with this article. Using the 3D laser scanning technology, our firm has broken into two completely new markets allowing us to expand our client base and to create awareness of all our services in those markets.

    We offer more information on 3D laser scanning and mapping on our website (http://www.pointtopointsurvey.com/3D-Laser-Scanning-And-Mapping).

  2. Kyle S. says:

    It is the trend of the moving technology. I believe that the technology will be developed in the near future. It will be a big surprise to all of us. Let’s wait and see it.

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