3D Laser Scanning Market Predictions for 2012

In this slow week for news, perhaps we can get some people thinking about next year and beyond. I know a lot of you are working on new technology and applications. If you can share a sneak peak or if you have a wish list please join in.

I’ll start things off. My desire is to see a “smarter” scanner. I would like to see more intelligence built into the scanner to allow the field technician to regain some of the survey decision making that has been lost with today’s black boxes. Remember the role of the party chief.

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5 Responses to 3D Laser Scanning Market Predictions for 2012

  1. Better software is the need of hour. In absence of good solution software the extraordinary (as seems at present) level of hardware is just a point producing machine with points not knowing what they belong to.

  2. Ralph Rio says:

    Alternate technologies that are “good enough” in terms of dimensional accuracy will impact the use of 3D laser scanners for some specific applications – particularly heritage. The alternatives include software to combine multiple digital camera images into a 3D image, and structured light like that used in the Kinect.

  3. Ted Knaak says:

    Civil infrastructure applications will see lidar system data flow from survey/mapping across engineering, design and construction operations. We saw this approach by the more progressive engineering companies result in very significant ROI. While the applications and case studies were “spotty” in 2011, they were positive. I believe this trend will accelerate rapidly.

  4. Joseph says:

    I like the idea of smarter boxes posted earlier. With the baby boomer bust coming, I look forward to technology taking over many of the basic tasks that people do in the field and in the office. With drive space and computing power getting cheaper and smaller, this should be easier to achieve than in the past. Particularly, because the technology is maturing and uses of the technologies are becoming more streamlined. With vendors being able to better predict what the markets and respective applications of the technologies will be, those vendors will be looking for competitive edges in their technologies and platforms to set them apart. Making them more user friendly, and powerful from an application standpoint is a clear choice.

  5. I see the scanner market opening up quite a bit as new technology arises. We have seen an increase almost 7 fold in our company over last year at this time. The interest level is accelerating and the civil, structural, and architectural markets in my region are starting to realize how much they can benefit from scanning. With the price point of scanners being so low, you really have to compare apples to oranges in terms return on investment. Now is the time to take that leap of faith and invest in scanning because I see scanning today is the GPS of yesterday.

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