Is the 3D Laser Scanning Industry Maturing?

faroIn the early days of an emerging industry the innovations come at a rapid pace. As an industry begins to mature that pace naturally slows down. Perhaps the manufacturers are working on a new round of disruptive products that will soon be announced, but for now it seems that recently we are seeing mainly incremental improvements.

I am thinking of something like what FARO did a few years ago when they shocked the market with their Focus3D.

A lot of the excitement today seems to be with technologies that use 3D data such as augmented/virtual reality and the autonomous vehicle industry. These drive the need for 3D data which is good for the laser scanning ecosystem.

Perhaps it’s just me. What do you think?

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  1. Eva Schroedter says:

    Might be the right time to expand your horizon and look at other solutions, e.g. fully portable high-end 3D scanners, giving you the freedom to scan in areas, which are difficult to access, but providing you with a high accuracy at the same time:

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