3D Industry Pioneers

Well we have our first snow storm of the winter here in New Hampshire, just in time for the outdoor recreation enthusiasts and the vendors to capitalize on the holidays. I am hunkered down working on the ILMF 2013 edition of theĀ LiDAR News magazine, but I am having a lot of fun especially on researching the next 3D Industry Pioneers column.

In the past we have had Michael Raphael from Direct Dimensions and Geoff Jacobs from Leica Geosystems. This time the pioneer is Steve Ball the founder of MDL in the UK. MDL is known for their Dynascan mobile scanner, among other instruments, but over Steve’s 40+ year career he has been a driving force in mining and offshore survey (two of the most challenging environments) and the development of a number of impressive 3D measurement devices.

Steve has made major contributions to the 3D industry. The issue will ship in time for ILMF 2013.

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