3D Imaging Without Lasers

  1. Direct Dimensions is going Hollywood.
  2. They are hosting an open house on February 3 in Los Angeles, CA to highlight the Dimensional Imaging technology.
  3. They are able to create 3D still and video images without the use of laser scanners.

As the name implies, LiDAR News is generally all about laser scanning, but when Michael Raphael at Direct Dimensions sent me an announcement for an open house that featured an alternative 3D imaging system based on the use of cameras I thought it was worth a look.

The technology is from Dimensional Imaging and it comes in 2 flavors – still and video. The DI3D starts with 2 off the shelf SLR cameras. It uses passive stereo photogrammetry to essentially triangulate the 3D objects in the high resolution images. In the Di4D version the still cameras are replace with video to create full color 3D video. Think Avatar.

Michael has told me that he tries to choose the right tool for the job. You may find there are 3D imaging projects where this can make sense.

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