3D Imaging and “The Cloud”

  1. I feel as though I must blog about THE CLOUD.
  2. Salesforce switched from being a leader in SAAS to the cloud – next paradigm shift.
  3. Does anyone see the cloud being used to process large files?

I am starting to feel a lot of pressure about this “Cloud” thing. It seems like I wouldn’t be holding up my end of the blogosphere if I didn’t post something about THE CLOUD. I guess that’s why they call it the cloud, because it’s everywhere. I noticed the other day on Salesforce that they have shifted from being the leader in SAAS – software as a service, to being the leader in cloud computing. In fact, they have the “Sales Cloud”, the “Service Cloud” and the “Custom Cloud”.

Heck, SAAS has not even had a chance to catch on, before they moved on to the next paradigm.

paradigm shift

If nothing else, my readership numbers should go up, but it’s Friday, which is usually a light day. Let’s see if the cloud can save me.

Oh yea, I almost forgot my point – I guess I was lost in, you guessed it – the cloud.

With our data files being so large, shouldn’t  the cloud offer some real data processing advantages?

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1 Response to 3D Imaging and “The Cloud”

  1. David DUrick says:

    Yes, I like your picture of the number of days since the last paradigm shift. I sorta thought the “cloud computing” was just another term to replace the SaaS which hasn’t caught on that much. Maybe the word “Cloud Computing” will. Guess I’ll have to do some research and see who actually coined it. Anyone know!?

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