3D-ify Your World!

That’s the tag line from Paracosm who has also developed a handheld scanner, the 3D Imager that is being offered with a requirement that you upload the data for processing in their cloud. This is similar to the business model from the previous blog and also for the Zeb 1.

From Paracosm, “The Paracosm 3D Imager is a handheld scanner that combines the best in photogrammetry and structured light to easily capture 3D building interior data. The patented system produces colored point clouds or meshes at 1cm-3cm accuracy. The lightweight and portable design is ideal for capturing indoor environments especially in tight or hard-to-reach spaces.”

The 3D Imager is available at $2,999 and Cloud Processing is $199 /month. Paracosm’s scans easily import into CAD or GIS tools for modeling, mapping, measurement and visualization of building assets and infrastructure.

​What do you think about the cloud processing requirement?

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