3D Going Mainstream in Construction

hackerDespite the fact that the title of this article in Construction Dive alludes to the idea of 3D laser scanning being like “x-ray vision”, it does report on a positive development that is taking place in this important industry. Slowly, as is typically the case in the construction industry, but surely contractors are beginning to see the benefits of documenting progress and compliance with laser scanning.

Ryan Hacker, president of TruePoint Laser Scanning, headquartered in Toledo, OH, said 3-D laser scanning, particularly if outsourced as a service, is more affordable than it’s ever been, even for smaller companies, which he said might be even better suited for the technology.

“Small companies tend to be more agile when it comes to adopting new technology or upgrading their computers and having the latest and greatest software. So I would tell you that small companies are in the best position to take advantage of it,” he told Construction Dive. “Maybe not to buy their own scanners, but certainly to utilize the technology.”

It’s an encouraging read.

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