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Point Cloud Performance Issues with Revit Solved

Many Revit users that do not have an issue with point clouds in Autodesk ReCap find those same files will cause performance issues in Revit, even with a high end computer. Guest Author: Chris Alby, specialist with over 8 years … Continue reading

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Fully Autonomous Highway Driving in 2022

Volvo is partnering with tech firm Luminar to provide their industry-leading LiDAR and perception technology for Volvo’s next-generation cars.The partnership will deliver Volvo’s first fully autonomous driving technology for highways and paves the way for future active-safety developments. From an … Continue reading

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FAA Part 107 Waiver for Flights Over People Granted

Hensel Phelps has been issued a Certificate of Waiver from FAA Part 107 for flights over people by using drones with parachutes. From an article in Commercial UAV News. Whilee Part 107 has enabled organizations to create and scale drone … Continue reading

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Mobile Lidar Robots Will Map Car Assembly Plants

Ford is going to employ two of Boston Dynamics’ “Spot” robots, which are four-legged, dog-like walking robots that weigh roughly 70 lbs each, to help them update the original engineering plans for one of the transmission manufacturing plants. The plants, … Continue reading

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