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Cruise Origin – More Than Just an Autonomous Vehicle

Fifty years ago, cars looked like, in a word, cars. These cars were driven by human operators and came stuffed with a whole lot of equipment for that human operator to use: a steering wheel, pedals, knobs, and dials. And, … Continue reading

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Long Haul Autonomous Trucking Firm Expands

Waymo‘s long haul autonomous vehicles have driven more than 20 million miles, and the Alphabet subsidiary is now expanding its geographic footprint into Texas and New Mexico. In a tweet this morning, Waymo announced it will begin testing self-driving trucks … Continue reading

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Robotics’ Top 10 Lessons Learned in the 2010’s

This article on the Robotics’ Top 10 is from Robotics Business Review by Daniel Theobald. It always takes longer than you think it will: This may sound dire, but development and adoption always take longer than you think it will, until … Continue reading

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The Built Environment Technology Manifesto – Part 1

It’s quite a long title that has evolved over the years. I guess you could say I have been thinking about this general idea since the early 1980’s when CAD and GIS were just starting to go mainstream, thanks in … Continue reading

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Autonomous Vehicle Safety Improved with Lidar

Optical sensing will play an increasingly important role in the evolving autonomous vehicle safety landscape. The greater the level of automation, the more information—and more precise information—the vehicle requires. Currently, automotive OEMs are focused on designing accurate and reliable advanced … Continue reading

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DEM Users Manual 3rd Edition is Now Available

The 3rd edition of the DEM Users Manual includes 15 chapters, three appendices and a detailed Index. References in the eBook version are hyperlinked which is coming soon. Chapter and appendix titles include: 1. Introduction to DEMs 2. Vertical Datums … Continue reading

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Joe Wolf – “Spotlight on a Younger Geospatial Professional”

This interview with Joe Wolf  is the fifth Lidar News Younger Geospatial Spotlight Interview. Congratulations to Joe for what he has accomplished in a short time and please think about sharing your story with us. This article is being re-published. … Continue reading

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Transportation Safety is Number One Priority

At the U.S. Department of Transportation, we are always working on transportation safety and accessibility for everyone — today and in the future! Transportation safety will always be the top priority From a recent speech by U.S. Transportation Secretary Chao. … Continue reading

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Auto Safety Feature Naming Needs to be Standardized

Pop quiz! What’s the difference between these auto safety features –  Automatic Emergency Braking, Collision Imminent Braking, Autonomous Emergency Braking, Collision Intervention, Autonomous Braking, and a Dynamic Brake System? From an article in Wired by Aarian Marshall. Trick question: nothing. … Continue reading

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Remote ID Proposed Rule Making is “Deeply Flawed”

In an article published by DJI today, the manufacturer’s VP of Policy and Legal Affairs, Brendan Schulman, has come out strongly against the FAA’s NPRM on Remote ID, calling it “deeply flawed” and “a complex, expensive, and intrusive system that … Continue reading

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