2019 – Let’s Make it the Year of the YGP

Overall 2018 has been a very positive year for the 3D laser scanning and lidar industry, but for me the news item with the greatest potential impact is the Younger Geospatial

Photo of Inez Vilas Boas - 2019

Inez Vilas Boas – YGP 2019

I can’t think of a single news item during 2018 that really got everyone’s attention, or changed the game. No question that the autonomous vehicle industry has taken the lead in pushing the envelope for lidar sensors, particularly solid state and we are starting to see people like Jeff Fagerman at LidarUSA integrating one of these sensors on a small UAS. The combination of drones and lidar will certainly continue to become more cost effective and powerful in 2019.

The topic, however, that I would like to focus on for 2019 is not hardware or software related. In fact, as I commented recently I think technology is being developed at a pace that most customers cannot make effective use of. Vendors need to place more emphasis on training and systems integration that solve 3D problems while streamlining workflows.

A group of us have been working on an initiative involving Younger Geospatial Professionals, or YGPs. We have about 150 professionals that have joined the YGP LinkedIn group which is a great start, but I beleive that if us “Older” geospatial professionals, that are in positions of authority made this a priority for 2019 that we could have thousands of members in this group.

One simple way to accomplish this would be for your organization to sent out a organization-wide email inviting your staff – younger and older to join the LinkedIn group as a first step. I am asking you to consider doing this once we get back to work.

As some of you know, Lidar News has been featuring YGP Spotlight Interviews during 2018. We will continue this in 2019 along with a number of new initiatives. One of these is the YGP Career Diary which we have a few people signed up for.

There is also a major announcement that is going to take place involving a valuable opportunity for YGPs, so please help us spread the word about joining the YGP LinkedIn group and let us know if you would like to be interviewed by clicking here.

Happy New Year!!!

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