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HxGN Content Program Offers Aerial Imagery on Demand

Over the past 5+ years Hexagon has acquired a number of firms that are in the data procurement and mapping services business. This business unit is now being promoted as the HxGN Content Program. The HxGN Content Program, a premier … Continue reading

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Hack Partners Creates InfraHack with Bentley

Hack Partners with their Hacktrain platform, not to be confused with Hackatrain is a group of innovators that believe that through collaboration they can achieve anything. They have already achieved impressive results in the rail industry, now they are turning … Continue reading

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Lidar – Is it a Portmanteau or an Acronym?

This blog post is on a lighter note, as you have probably already guessed. We have had our share of physics lately, but I still think you will learn some things, or at least be able to pass the video … Continue reading

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September 2018 LN Video of the Month

Lidar News (LN) has had a busy month, so much so that we are a few weeks late on voting for the Video of the Month for September 2018. We don’t want our contestants to feel left out, so let’s … Continue reading

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TopoDOT is the New Company Name for Certainty 3D

In order to simplify the corporate messaging the Certainty 3D company name is being replaced with TopoDOT – the name of their flagship software. The new TopoDOT will still have the same leadership, support team and the same office – … Continue reading

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Lasers – 20 Things You Did Not Know

Erika K. Carlson has recently had her article entitled, “20 Things You Didn’t Know About … Lasers” published in Discover Magazine. Here are a few of the more interesting items. As we have noted recently the Nobel prize in Physics … Continue reading

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Novel Lidar Data Improves Understanding of Tropical Forests

Dr. Kim Calders and his team have just completed 2 months of field work in Australian tropical forests collecting both terrestrial and UAS lidar data to support a novel lidar data fusion methodology. Forest ecosystems contain more biomass than any … Continue reading

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Digital Twin – The Key Concept from YII 2018

As noted yesterday, Keith Bentley, CTO and Founder of Bentley Systems believes that the digital twin technology now being developed by his team is the most exciting in the history of the company. Yesterday’s open source code announcement notwithstanding, the … Continue reading

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iModel.js Library Released by Bentley to Open-Source

In what Keith Bentley, Founder and CTO referred to as the most important announcement in his 35 years of building Bentley Systems iModel.js, a JavaScript library for creating immersive connections to infrastructure digital twins was highlighted today. If you feel … Continue reading

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Scanning for Construction at Bentley’s YII 2018

I met Andrew Evans, Product Manager at Topcon at the Year in Infrastructure Awards today. He offered this blog post on Scanning for Construction, plus a look at the GLS 2000 scanner with its ability to set up over a … Continue reading

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