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Underwater Laser Scanning

What began in 2015 as an environmental research project has resulted in an amazing, ancillary discovery of some 60 ancient  shipwrecks, including some types of vessels that have never been seen except in murals and paintings. According to a press … Continue reading

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Lidar Data Webinar

LizardTech, a leader in data compression is offering a free webinar on October 5 at 1 PM EDT that will focus on lidar data management and sharing across an enterprise. Attend the webinar to learn how to: • Compress your … Continue reading

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Self-driving Lidar Wheelchair

Add this to the list of autonomous vehicles – the self-driving wheelchair. It can be summoned with a smart app. The Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology, or SMART, developed and deployed the first unit at Singapore’s Changi General Hospital … Continue reading

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Lidar-guided Robotic Fridge

Imagine walking into your boss’s office to explain that you have a great new idea for a cutting edge, consumer electronics product. When he asks what is you tell him it’s a lidar-guided, robotic refrigerator that can be summoned to … Continue reading

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360 Degree Solid State Lidar

There’s another new player in the autonomous vehicle market and they have an  impressive sounding sensor technology. AEye is the first to announce a commercial solid state lidar system capable of 360° coverage and real-time software configurability – key milestones … Continue reading

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Velodyne Ramps Up Production

With the idea of becoming the leading lidar sensor supplier to the self driving car market Velodyne is investing in a factory that can produce not thousands, but millions of sensors next year. Think of it as a megafactory that … Continue reading

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Scanse Update

The Scanse laser scanner kit has been shipping for a few months now. This video demonstrates the fundamental of capturing 3D scans using the Sweep 3D scanner kit. It also gives a basic tutorial on saving and editing data on … Continue reading

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USIBD Software Survey Reminder

Time is running out for you to provide your response to the online USIBD software survey. The survey will close Wednesday September 13 at 5 PM PDT. Click here to take the survey.

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Lidar Technology Bubble?

In this past week alone Israeli startup Innoviz Technologies closed a $65 million funding round with backing from Delphi and Magna, two of the world’s top auto-parts makers and Canada’s LeddarTech raised even more, announcing $101 million in new funds … Continue reading

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One Year Anniversary for Driverless Bus

Results are in from a year of testing of a self driving bus that did include a driver who could take control if necessary. The test was conducted in South Perth, Australia and was combined with an online survey. French … Continue reading

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