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Tesla Lidar Update

Last week we posed the question to our readers – will Tesla eventually use lidar technology? You answered with a resounding “yes”. Sources are now saying that you are right. Check out Smart Stock News for one article on this … Continue reading

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Mapping Landslides with Lidar

A recently released USGS report finds a number of landslides that were not previously recognized due in large part to the dense forest cover. They note that, “Newly acquired lidar imagery has allowed researchers at the U.S. Geological Survey to … Continue reading

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Bio-indicator Lidar

A research scientist at NASA Goddard has developed a lidar-based sensor technology that can detect organic compounds which would be an indicator of life as we know it, now or in the past. Once on another planet, the device, which … Continue reading

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Lidar and Autonomous Vehicles

Lidar is one of the sensor technologies that most autonomous vehicle manufacturers are including in their navigation packages – Tesla being the most vocal about their belief that it is not required. For the most part the leaders in the … Continue reading

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