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Apollo 11 in 3D

It was July 20, 1969 that the Apollo 11 touched down on the moon’s surface while the rest of the world watched – and today, you can mark that anniversary by looking inside the Apollo 11’s command module, Columbia. Until … Continue reading

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UAV – Based Magnetometer Firm Acquired

This is the first time that I have heard of this UAV application, but it makes a lot of sense. Alta Vista Ventures (AVV-CSE) announces the signing of a Binding Letter of Intent to purchase a 100% interest in the … Continue reading

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TUC 2016 Highlights

As you can see in the following video Ted Knaak and his team put together a great inaugural  TopoDOT user conference. The focus was on interactive learning in state-of-the-art computer labs and high impact presentations, plus we did have time … Continue reading

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Geiger-Mode for Autonomous Market

This press release from Princeton Lightwave caught my attention.  They are forming a new business unit to pursue the autonomous vehicle market. Geiger-mode LiDAR has been recommended by the Auto Alliance – which represents vehicle manufacturers that produce 77% of … Continue reading

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3D Seminar – Earn CEU – Win VR Headset

Technology has greatly changed the design and construction industry. The tools available to the project team to convey ideas, record existing conditions, and accurately install materials have changed the way we do business. This presentation will cover three of these … Continue reading

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Autonomous Vehicle Security

This article in Gizmodo points out a serious challenge that the autonomous vehicle industry is going to have to face – security of the systems against spoofing. They report: “Spectrum reports that Jonathan Petit, from Security Innovation, has developed a … Continue reading

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Smart Maps for Autonomous Vehicles

A silicon valley start-up Civil Maps has recently received $6 million in funding from a group that includes Ford Motors for their ability to produce 3D base maps that are much smaller in size as they only contain the critical … Continue reading

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Tesla Sticking with Radar

“Elon Musk says today’s Tesla cars can improve their self-driving ability with its existing radar system by generating the kind of point cloud you’d normally expect only from LIDAR. (LIDAR’s the laser sensing system used in the trademark, roof-mounted beacons in Google cars.) In messages on his Twitter feed, … Continue reading

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India’s First Driverless Shuttle

Given the recent concerns about autonomous vehicle safety this announcement might cause a few people to question the safety of a driverless shuttle, but the speed of these vehicles is slow compared to highway speeds. Here’s the proposal: “Novus Drive … Continue reading

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Reality Capture

Autodesk has coined the phrase “reality capture” to describe all of their technology related to 3D data capture, processing, modeling and much more whether acquired with a scanner or with a camera. The main software platform is ReCap 360 Pro … Continue reading

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