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Finding Lidar Data

The USGS hosts what it calls the National Map Download Client which is a searchable database of lidar data collections for the U.S. The site features a number of advanced search options that can be used to more quickly locate … Continue reading

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Indoor Localization Competition

This report appeared in Robotics Tomorrow. The Microsoft Indoor Localization Competition is a well-known annual benchmark for assessing many approaches to indoor localization. The purpose of the competition was to bring together real-time indoor location technologies and compare their performance … Continue reading

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Pegasus: Stream – Integrated Above and Below Ground 3D Data Collection

Imagine being able to collect 3D data with a platform that integrates above and below ground 3D information into a unified system. Enter the Leica Geosystems Pegasus: Stream. According to Leica Geosystems the Pegasus:Stream is the only vehicle towed reality … Continue reading

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Lidar-derived Coastal Risk Map for Australia

This article in Spatial Source reports on an impressive research effort involving coastal risk and inundation in Australia, a country that has potentially massive issues to address with rises in sea level. The project includes the use of lidar to … Continue reading

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XPONENTIAL Conference Preview

If you are planning on attending next week’s AUVSI XPONENTIAL conference in New Orleans then this┬áLidar News conference preview may be of some help in planning your time there. With over 600 exhibitors this is the BIG one for unmanned … Continue reading

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UAS Product Lines Being Developed

Maybe I missed these product developments in the overall din that surrounds the UAS industry, but in putting together the AUVSI XPONENTIAL conference preview I could not help but notice that Leica Geosystems and Topcon are both investing heavily in … Continue reading

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Sick – Scanning for Safety

While on the industrial theme this might be a good time to highlight the new safety scanner from Sick. Sick specializes in providing scanners that are used for security and for protecting people that operate dangerous machinery in real time. … Continue reading

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Industrial Geomatics

This article in Hydrocarbon Engineering proposes the use of “industrial geomatics” as an emerging part of the 3D intelligent management of plant facilities. It is an interesting combination of terms and I think it helps to describe what has been … Continue reading

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NASA’s CALIPSO Celebrates 10 Years

It was supposed to be a three-year mission, but it turned into a few billion more measurements and seven extra years of science. On Thursday, April 21, NASA’s Langley Research Center in Hampton, Virginia, and the French Space Agency Centre … Continue reading

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FAA Approves Night Flights

The Federal Aviation Administration has issued the first approval for flights of small commercial drones at night, according to lawyers for the operator, in the latest sign of how quickly U.S. regulators are moving to authorize expanded uses of unmanned … Continue reading

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