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The Right Amount of Data

I wanted to call your attention to a recent Lidar News Showcase article by Stephen Epstein, the Marketing Manager for Phase One Industrial. He provides insight on best practices and lesson learned in the use of airborne lidar and still … Continue reading

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Lidar News You Tube Channel

I am on the road to LA for a TRB meeting involving emergency response procedures for evaluating highway structures. This research work could lead to a national standard which would certainly involve creating a 3D database of highway structures. Just … Continue reading

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High Powered 3D Data Processing

I had a chance to speak with Mark Wiebe at Thinkbox Software last week. You may have seen this article on the Lidar News site about how their Sequoia software saved Lanmar Services considerable time creating 3D models of a … Continue reading

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Important Scanner Evaluation at NIST

I just received the following message from the ASTM E57.02 committee. I will keep you informed of the results of this important activity. “I am writing to you about ongoing activity within E57.02 to create a point-to-point performance evaluation standard … Continue reading

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TopoDOT User Conference in May

If you are looking for an opportunity to get immersed in mobile lidar data processing then you should consider attending the upcoming TopoDOT User Conference in beautiful Orlando, FL May 9 – 13 at UCF Rosen College. Certainty 3D is … Continue reading

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Next Generation Remote Sensing Business Model

There is a lot of risk in acquiring airborne remote sensing systems. Add to this the potential disruption that is coming from the use of UAVs plus the need to deliver a total solution for lifecycle asset management and perhaps … Continue reading

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Day 2 ILMF 2016

Day 2 at ILMF 2016 was all about content. Following up on yesterday’s discussion of single photon and Geiger-mode lidar the USGS and others reported on the results of field tests made this past fall in Connecticut. Linear mode lidar … Continue reading

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Day 1 ILMF 2016

ILMF 2016 has about 850 attendees and the really good news is that everyone that I spoke with said that they had a lot of business. Obviously the oil and gas sector is not doing well, but I think the … Continue reading

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Riegl Announces Two New Scanners at ILMF 2016

The company with the most choreographed product announcement at ILMF 2016 was Riegl. They have developed two new mobile mapping systems. The VMQ-1HA is a single scanner system and the VMX-1HA is a dual head capable of collecting 2 millions … Continue reading

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Sea Level Rise Preview

UC Santa Barbara researchers are using those El Niño conditions to track the rate of cliff erosion in Santa Barbara County. So far this winter, high tides and waves have raised sea level 8 to 12 inches at the project’s nine … Continue reading

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