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Utility As-Builts – Mandate Needed

I am writing a paper for an upcoming conference being sponsored by a new ASCE institute – Utility Engineering and Survey Institute, or UESI. The topic I am pursuing is the use of mobile lidar to collect as-built utility locations. … Continue reading

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Lufthansa and DJI Sign Deal To Develop Commercial Drones

This is the first time I have seen a major airline announce their involvement with drones. In this case its Lufthansa Aerial Services and DJI teaming up on a wide range of potential services. In addition to inspection of infrastructure, … Continue reading

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3D Going Mainstream in Construction

Despite the fact that the title of this article in Construction Dive alludes to the idea of 3D laser scanning being like “x-ray vision”, it does report on a positive development that is taking place in this important industry. Slowly, … Continue reading

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UAV Inspection Preview

If you want a glimpse into what the future might look like for the use of UAVs to carry out inspections have a look at the Cyberhawk operation. Focused primarily on the oil and gas industry and based in the … Continue reading

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Mobile Video Learning, Certification and Support

Imagine that you have an app on your smart phone that can access a highly searchable library of video-based knowledge by scanning a QR code wherever and whenever you need it. Your access can be recorded and stored in a … Continue reading

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Lidar News Today – January 26, 2016

This week’s Lidar News Today contains a recap of the top news stories from last week plus two important articles. The first by Mike Tully looks at drone accuracy and the second by Ken Smerz highlights the value of 3D … Continue reading

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I received additional info from AutonomouStuff on the real time SLAM sensor that I blogged about last week. The STENCIL can be purchased with a license for either localization or a license for mapping applications. Additionally, the STENCIL can be used without the need … Continue reading

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Low Cost “Sweep” Laser Scanner

Thanks to Giuseppe Di Franco for the tip on this. It’s a low cost version of a laser scanner from Scannable. How low cost? How about $249? It has a range of up to 40 m, collects 500 points per … Continue reading

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Segmentation of Planar Surfaces

This paper, by an international group of researchers proposes a robust and efficient segmentation methodology for abstraction of an enormous number of laser points into plane information. They are claiming very impressive results, “The experimental results demonstrate, through both qualitative … Continue reading

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Drone Accuracy

I wanted to call your attention to an important article by Mike Tully, CEO of Aerial Services, Inc. on the subject of drone accuracy. Mike has an in-depth understanding of the real world issues affecting the use of UAS. As … Continue reading

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